Jungle Justice

Jungle justice is one vice that should be totally condemned by all and sundry. It is evil, wicked, barbaric and animalistic. It is called jungle justice because it ought not to be found in civilized societies. It is an act that should have no place in our society. For some, jungle justice is a mirage that can never happen to them but take a minute to imagine that you are walking on the street and suddenly you hear people screaming “thief, thief” and you turn around to see someone running towards your direction because he was being chased by an angry mob. On reflex, you take to your heels because you don’t want to get caught up in the act and then suddenly the thief starts pointing at you and screaming “that’s the thief.” Consumed by the passion for vengeance, the mob runs after you, strike you, beat you and begin to accuse you of crimes you never thought of committing even in your wildest imagination. The society cannot afford to frown at other crimes such as domestic violence yet turn a blind eye to jungle justice which is in itself the icing on the cake on all sorts of violence. Our voices should be unanimous in demanding a total eradication of this act.