Sports Trafficking

Human trafficking through sport contracts is one of the various trends in human trafficking that is gaining momentum all over the world. In Nigeria and other countries of the world, many young boys and girls are trafficked out of the country under the guise of playing football and other sporting activities for different local and international clubs.

Research has shown that approximately, more than 15,000 children are trafficked into various continents yearly under the pretense of making them professional footballers. It is sad to note that most of these players do not have any form of formal invitation from any international club, yet, they do not hesitate to fly out to other countries in search of greener pastures all because of ignorance, greed and impatience. It is sad to note that some few ones actually get the contracts but all proceeds of their hard work are taken by their trafficker.

Some borrow money for these things with the hope of paying back when they secure the contract and make it big!